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The compatibility test or love calculator helps you calculate your love compatibility and your chances of having a better relationship. The Love Calculator result score ranges from 0% to 100% , which is meant to be an indication of much in terms of love , based on the names of two people. The more the percentage, the stronger the relationship. Love is defined as a strong affection between two people, be it maternal, sexual,even food and other purposes also.
Love calculator is based on a certain pre-defined complex algorithm. As two names are entered, the calculator calculates the name of the first person against the second. The calculator's algorithm then detects no characters in your name with each other and then does a calculation.The love calculator uses a number of factors to calculate the chances of two people being compatible. Thus, the calculator reaches the conclusion and displays a love percentage or Compatibility.
In earlier days, people used to ask astrologers and palmist about the two-person compatibility like that. But nowadays , the compatibility test calculator is ready to help you.
Why Use Love Calculator Tool ?
  • Time Efficiency: Manually calculating of love be time-consuming, particularly for complex calculation.
  • Consistency: Maintaining a consistent calculation throughout all Calculation is much easier with a Love Calculator Tool.
  • Customization: These tools offer a huge variety of Customization choices, making it possible for unique value.
  • No Advanced Skills Required: Even those with fundamental understanding of Calculation.
*The calculator is for information purpose only , do not take any financial or medical decision or family decision on the basis of the result shown above. Love Calculator Tool is one man effort , if you notice any error , mistake ,please let me inform.Your suggestions are also welcome.
Sonjukta's Love Calculator Tool:
  • User-Friendly Interface: The tool is designed for ease of use. Its simple layout permits you to see changes in real-time
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: The Love Calculator works with all major browser.

What is Compatibility test ?

A Compatibility test is a test between two people , how they fit with each other.Two person social , economic status , education , family background have a great influence on compatibility.The more similar social , economic status , education , family background backgroundackground are high chance a to be compatible with each other.

What is Compatibility test is done ?

The Compatibility test can be calculated in many ways ,by Name ,by date of birth, by birth place and time etc. Here I have to consider it by name . No calculator accurately tested compatibility , but it is a probability , predication on the basis of some logic.

How Compatibility test is done ?

The competition test accepts the name of both people.Then we compare the alphabet position of each alphabet and compare them with each other partners , then comes to conclution.