Gold Purity calculator helps you calculate the purity of the gold by using the karat rating.

Gold Purity Calculator
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Gold was commonly used for jewelry and idols for worship for thousand years. Years after years people are affectionate toward gold.Gold jewelry for both men and women. Almost all country , gold is symbol of status , beauty and faith.Some ritual believe that purchasing gold in specific occoasion will bring happiness , prosporus to the family. Purchasing gold is consdered to be posive affcct to the person . In some custure gold ornament are offered in marraige , first rice ceremony and other holy occation to bring the bless.Gold also symbol of love in some culture , golden ring are offered during the marraige by spouse.
Kolar gold field of Karnataka the oldest gold mine of India , now it is closed. Another significant Gold Mine Hutti Gold Mine, located in the Raichur district of Karnataka. When gold mixed with other material , it create aloy.Gold uses karats. With gold, a karat is a fractional measure of purity for gold alloys.24 karat considered to be the most pure gold. Pure gold is not generally use for its softness that may lead to scratch. 24 karat,22 karat,20 karat,18 karat,16 karat are commonly use for ornaments making. Gold Purity Calculator calculate how purity the gold is.Just enter Karat value and purity will be calculated automatically.
24 karats gold is said to be pure at 100%. 24 ,22 , 20 karat gold are most popular for ornament design . Gold purity calculation is Simple , it is Percentage=karat/24)*100 % , for example 24 karat is 100% pure 22 karat is 91.67% pure 91.67 karat is 83.33% pure
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